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My name is Mary Banks, editor in chief for this site, and as a mother of twins I like to think I have some idea of the amount of rigmarole that can be involved when it comes to finding a double stroller that meets all of my requirements without breaking the bank.

There can be so many pitfalls when attempting to navigate all the different brands and types of double stroller available on the market nowadays, and all too often I’ve read about or heard of mothers who fell prey to shameless marketing ploys only to find themselves stuck with a dud stroller.

All it takes is one missing feature or something not quite up to the standards you expected, and the whole purchase quickly begins to feel like a waste.

An example of this is something like a tandem stroller which involves your little ones sitting in single file – this style of stroller can provide a great deal of convenience with its narrower, more streamlined shape, but what happens when there isn’t enough legroom for the backseat rider? And what if there isn’t maneuverability of the seats due to their alignment?

This is just one minor example of where minor issues can rapidly become a daily challenge, and with tired, hungry, or generally cranky babies to take care of you’re going to need all the help you can get!

That said, feel free to browse through the site and read our buying guide to make an informed buying decision.


​Mary Banks

Editor in Chief